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easyWeb is a product created by Media 3, a marketing agency offering knowledge-based consultancy and packaged marketing services across a broad range of sectors.

Media 3 operates as a modern business communications company, reflecting the trend away from large office-based organisations with their high fixed overheads, towards a more flexible and cost-effective network of freelance consultants.

Media 3 offers a full range of range of marketing services including some that will specifically help with your website such as copywriting, e-marketing campaigns, advertising and photography.

Media 3 has also developed a product called Modus, a proven survey process that enables companies to gather consumer intelligence, leading to an in-depth understanding of the strengths and possible weaknesses of their business/organisation.

Modus enables companies to personalise and carefully target their marketing campaigns, delivering improved sales and creating new opportunities to build growing revenue streams, at the same time reducing unnecessary costs.

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